LA PIUMA ITALIAN LUXURY FASHION is a fashion brand that is always popular with customers in Italy.

La Piuma is committed to providing customers with the best quality fashion products made from 100% real cow leather.

Crafted for New Heights.
For more than one hundred years, LA PIUMA has represented a philosophy of excellence and has been committed to the highest level of traditional craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics in every product. Each LA PIUMA product is a masterpiece of outstanding quality, crafted from the finest materials. Imagination, creativity and passion are unique gifts that inspire the LA PIUMA master craftsmen to create products that go beyond their functional purpose and everlasting beauty, embodying something special: a soul. Designed for those who value both traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

LA PIUMA is a symbol for the finest leather products and traditional European craftsmanship. A LA PIUMA leather product reflects the sophisticated personality and lifestyle of its owner.

LA PIUMA Leather
The LA PIUMA Extreme Leather collection combines a centuries-old tradition of fine craftsmanship with a constant quest for innovation. In 1926, LA PIUMA opened its first leather workshop in Italia.
The finishing techniques used in this collection are based on cutting-edge technology to provide every piece with additional protection against the elements. Due to its embossed structure, LA PIUMA Extreme Leather tends to be more sensitive to dust. LA PIUMA Extreme Leather can be cleaned with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. If more thorough cleaning is required, moisten the cloth with clean water. Please avoid using standard cleaning agents, as this may cause halos and undesired changes in the touch and feel of the surface
The LA PIUMA COLLECTION makes use of natural full-grain leather that feels soft and elegant to the touch. The tanning and finishing processes used to create Selection Sfumato Leather intensify the colour as well as the natural characteristics of the calfskin itself, like wrinkles, veins and growth marks. The special handmade painting process bestows every individual product with a unique shadow effect. As leather is a natural material, it tends to be sensitive to scratches and humidity. To care for and extend the life of your product, please refer to the general care recommendations given above.

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