Shopping Guide and payment

Shopping guide

You access our website at:, view products and choose products to buy.

  • Click the "Add to Cart" button to put products into the cart.
  • After you have finished selecting your items, go to the cart to view (the cart icon at the top right).
  • Then click "Payment" to go to the payment page
  • Enter complete personal information and payment information into the form, enter the code is 20121 or arbitrary number
  • Enter discount code (If applicable)
  • Click "Continue shipping method", then select a shipping method
  • Click "Continue payment method", check the order information and click "Complete order"
  • End of the order, please wait for our staff to call back to close the application.

Payment Guide

Currently, we only provide the payment method: Payment when received goods.

You place an order and get confirmation from a staff member via a direct call. Thereby, we send goods back to you through COD ship service. You receive the goods, check the goods and pay directly to the delivery staff.