In the modern world today, beauty is no longer a trend only for women but also for men. Therefore, when going down the street or at important events, gentlemen often attract the attention of many around them in elegant costumes with expensive super cars or accessories that cannot be missing like a men's leather wallet. For many people, these leather wallets not only contain money, personal papers or credit cards, they believe they also bring good luck and fortune to the owner. So let's find out through the following article to be able to choose for themselves a men's leather wallet like the quality, design as well as feng shui.

So this year should choose men's leather wallet how appropriate?

Men's leather wallets are made from a variety of materials such as cowhide, snake skin, python skin, ostrich skin, crocodile skin etc. The easy way to distinguish between genuine and genuine leather is that when it smells, it will have a natural pungent smell, but fake leather will smell of chemicals. The real skin in the pores is not unusually smooth. Next is the style, if you are a fashionista with a modern and elegant style, the long leather men's wallet will be suitable for you, but if you want to fit neatly to the pocket, the wallet style square would be better.

About color, in feng shui, each color will belong to a separate system and bring its own meanings. For example, black and blue are the colors of the Water System, symbolizing the continuous flow of money. The white, gray or metallic gold of the Kim system is profitable and duplicates success when doing business related tasks. Red or pink in the Fire system, has a strong energy stimulating effect. The green of the Wood system, the person who wears this wallet will have a favorable and career progression. In addition, if you own a brown wallet of the Turkish, you will always have stable and stable financial resources.

According to feng shui, a medium-sized, large-sized wallet not only holds money but can also put personal papers, credit cards ... will help the owner to have more wealth and prosperity. Limit the case of emptying in the wallet because it will dissipate your money or avoid having the bill in the wallet because it represents the amount of money you lose. If you keep it regularly, it will not only damage the wallet but also not good for fortune. You can use a small compartment and put in it a few coins because it will help attract positive energy and make sense for luck, economic success in feng shui. Or if you buy not for the purpose of use but as a gift, you should enclose in it some moneys with small denominations implying that the recipient will have good luck and prosperity with his wallet. Hopefully the article above will help you choose the most suitable men's leather wallet!