Crocodile leather wallet is a line of high-end fashion accessories that are especially popular that almost everyone knows. It has the durability as well as the beauty from colors to patterns typical of crocodile skin. Because of the variety, the price and quality in the market make it difficult for customers to choose this crocodile leather wallet. Most customers rely on a famous brand to choose for "sure". It is a safe but not really smart way to choose. The following article aims to help customers have a more detailed and sophisticated view of crocodile leather wallet. Thus, you can confidently choose a wallet that you like without hesitation.

Because of the rare nature, real crocodile leather products are often considered branded and sold at prices many times higher than other leather products. Unfortunately, many people spend a large amount of money to own a leather wallet but do not know if the product is actually damaged or not? Because there is so much competition that many fake, fake and poor quality products are rampant in the market, it is difficult to buy crocodile leather wallets, while it is easy to buy fake goods if you do not know ways to distinguish.

Distinguish true crocodile leather wallet

Try a few drops of water on the surface of the leather wallet, real crocodile skin will absorb water, while fake leather made from synthetic materials will not be waterproof.

Distinguish real crocodile leather wallet based on the thickness of the skin

Genuine crocodile skin will be thinner, tougher than fake leather made from cimili or cooked cowhide. In addition, the inside of the crocodile skin is rough and not rough like cooked cowhide and does not appear as a layer of cimlli material.

Distinguish real crocodile leather wallet by color

Real crocodile skin is also processed with many different colors such as bright yellow, cockroach wings yellow, black, earth brown, red brown ... but whatever color they are uniform with each other and not patchy.

- Gloss: fake crocodile skin will look shiny because it is laminated and has some other compounds, while genuine leather can be matte or shiny naturally. So if you bring crocodile leather purses and handbags outside, you will see: fake crocodile leather will be more glossy, and real leather will be the opposite.

- Elasticity: If the crocodile leather is certainly elastic and natural elasticity. This shows that crocodile skin products are not easy to crack or fold when impacted such as bending. Crocodile leather on the other hand fakes up quite hard. Also, in appearance, all crocodile leather looks sturdy, certainly but crocodile leather fake will not be able to fold or bend without leaving cracks or Folds like real leather.