Among the leather materials used as belts, cowhide is chosen and preferred more because of its durability and quite "soft" price. Therefore, the preservation of cowhide belts is also extremely concerned by our men, but not everyone knows how to properly preserve their belts.

Leather belts for men is an important fashion accessory that not only contributes to shaping the style of men but also plays a significant role in creating personality and class of users.

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Properly preserved cowhide belts to ensure their longevity:

- Because it is made of leather material, after use, store them in a dry, dry place, avoid damp places to limit the mold development environment, causing leather to spoil quickly and smell unpleasant. But also avoid places where temperatures are too high or exposed to the sun too harsh to avoid drying the leather, brittle quickly damaged.

- Do not let the leather belt suppress the floor to avoid soil moisture, this will quickly damage the skin, especially in the rainy season (moist air will cause mold and mildew).

- Should be cleaned regularly, to make your belt more shiny.

- Hang vertically on your belt and so as not to crack and damage the leather surface, the sun should be avoided.

- Should be apply preservatives after the belt is cleansed and dry so that the belt is better protected.

Above are some notes when managing cowhide leather belts, wish you success!